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Why I Don’t Like the Police  

“The police in America are problematic by nature, it has little to do with the actual people involved”

Youtube personality, the1janitor posted an epic rant on why he doesn’t like police; pointing out that the root purpose of a police officer’s job is inherently unscrupulous.

“Police are trained to lie and be coercive. Almost nothing a police officer tells you is true.”

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Sweden: Thousands protest against Neo Nazi demo in Stockholm 

Thousands of anti-fascist protestors gathered in central Stockholm today as the small neo-Nazi “Party of the Swedes” held a demonstration in Gustav Adolf Square close to the Royal Palace in the heart of the city.

Violence broke between riot police and protesters in Stockholm’s Kungstradgarden, Saturday, as thousands gathered to rally against far-right Party of the Swedes’ (SVP) rally.

Protesters gathered around noon to wait for the party’s final speech at Gustav Adolfs Torg after a tour around the country. During the speech, protesters started to pelt fireworks, smoke bombs, bottles and fence at the police.

At 1600 local time canine units and mounted police were used to quell the protesters, as tensions rose. The rally came as the country prepares to a parliamentary vote on September 14.

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