1. The Free Thought Project & Tom Zebra, Turn the Police State Inside Out. ‘Drones Over LAPD’ 

    Tom got his start filming the police after an encounter where he witnessed serious brutality and the Torrence Police destroyed his recording.

    Arrested countless times for filming since that incident, he has not let it slow him down one bit. Infact, it has caused him to up his game even harder, purchasing a DJI Phantom 2 Drone fully equipped with a 14MP camera with 1080p HD video capability- thanks to a settlement from the Hawthorne PD.

  2. IDF Sniper Admits On Instagram To Murdering 13 Gaza Children

  3. Senator Booker on Israel … #AIPAC Whore

    related link: World Opinion Turns Against Israel – But Not in Congressional Black Caucus

  4. ts. Rami Ryan

  5. New U.S. help arrives for Syrian rebels as government, extremists gain
  6. Listen to Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio Network, with Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey – Week of 7/28/14 | Black Agenda Report

    Ajamu Baraka: However, “it now appears that Black leadership has lost its moral compass and are standing shoulder to shoulder with something as brutal and backward as the assault on Palestine,” said Baraka. Every member of the Congressional Black Caucus this month joined in a unanimous House resolution siding with Israel.

  7. “Gaza is a graveyard,” sing joyful Israeli youths 

    The mob also incites directly against Ahmed Tibi and Haneen Zoabi, two prominent Palestinian citizens of Israel who are members of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament.

    They’ll take their papers away.
    Olé, olé, olé-olé-olé
    In Gaza there’s no studying
    No children are left there,
    Olé, olé, olé-olé-olé,

  8. Informed Tourist Gets Involved to Set SDPD Straight about Filming. Yes She Did!

    James “JC” Playford, with American News and Information Services, was reporting on an incident in downtown San Diego when an SDPD officer approached him.


  9. 100 Years Ago Today It Began: “Austria Has Chosen War” 

    100 Years Ago Today It Began: “Austria Has Chosen War”